Jamie Isaac deserves more recognition

Right, let’s kick off by stating that I apologise for the lack of activity and posts. I have been busy with university work that frankly should have been done a while ago. However, good news is that I am going to jam to Swim Deep this Saturday!

 Moving on to more important matters, new music and new talent. Let’s be honest and state that music these days is a bit disappointing and you get the occasional gem in between. It’s really heart breaking that Jamie Isaac is not widely recognised. I can say with my hand on my heart his music always gives me goose bumps.

I fell in love the experimental and mellow beats from the first instant I listened to I Will Be Cold Soon in 2013. In March Isaac released Blue Break but back in that month I didn’t have a blog to share the love. It’s never too late! This EP is beautifully crafted and written. The uniqueness and haunting vocals of Isaac is perfect for late night listening. The gentle piano led EP battles with brash beats in each song but yet effortlessly remains so hypnotic and majestic. It is packed full of emotions that powers through the calm ambience.

My favourite out of the EP is Mother’s Love Don’t Stretch; it is a mix of jazz and RNB. The song is haunting but so tender that it’s infectious beat and piano leaves you in peaceful state. The guitar riffs are what make the song to me, ending with a bittersweet note. Like the title states Jamie Isaac deserves more recognition.



201MC: Bakery In UK

The logo and social networking sites have been finally created and today we shot the advertising campaign. However everything did not go according to plan. On the other hand I managed to time manage my work and my part-time job swiftly.  Firstly we were disapproved authorisation for filming in an Italian cafe therefore the initial concept was ditched, Luckily we had a back up plan and filming went smoothly however I was a bit wary of taking on a role as a director. This filming shoot rekindled my enjoyment for filming and taking on a role as a director. I have not taken role as a director since sixth form, we are planning to record the radio advert and i am planning to start editing the video next week.



201MC: Bakery In UK

I have finally finished the editing for both radio advert and film advertisement. I have learnt (the hard way) that not everyone pulls their weight during group work. In the end me and Wassila had to finish all of the production work, however this is not a downfall. This production workload rekindled my enjoyment for editing and allowed me to improve my video and audio editing skills. Luckily, Wassila was happy with the end results.



Radio Advert


201MC: Bakery In UK

The survey analysis have been completed and today we all have met up to start to plan the advertising campaign. Firstly, we decided on a name which allowed us to be creative by mixing French and English words together, we settled on Heart-Tea Patisserie. Afterwards we started to work on the advertising campaign; this allowed me to think creatively which I initially thought to be a weakness of mine. Instead, it was a strength and found myself to feel comfortable to contribute ideas. We are hoping to shoot in the next following weeks after the logo and social networking sites are created. I believe this project is helping me to gain more knowledge about market research and I am now starting to become clear of a potential career path.



201MC: reemapatriablogsmusic

It occurred to me that writing for Tunenest made realise that music is something that I could blog about and be dedicated to. I learnt that going through trail and error does lead up to some development.  Tunesnest had strict restrictions on what I was allowed to write about, for example one of the reasons why my article was rejected as the band hadn’t released any official material. Unlike the previous blogs, I believe that I will continue to blog more as I am planning gigs and events to attend to. To avoid any lack of activity, I set myself goals on wordpress and personal goals to post up at least once or twice a week. I am sharing this blog on Twitter and have been already added to Planet Ivy’s list for hot upcoming bloggers!


Good stuff!

201MC: Bakery In Uk

I have always had interest for market research and advertising and highly consider these to be a potential career path.  I have learnt in 240MC some of the basics and concepts of advertising; however I have created an advertising campaign as part of my GCSE studies. I was more than happy enough to help a third year exchange student with her final project of creating an advertising campaign for a French bakery in Coventry. Today, I handed out questionnaires to members of the public. The task was daunting and I was uncomfortable at the beginning but as the day went on I found it easier to approach people. I managed to get plenty of questionnaires completed which shocked us both. I was happy to learn about the process of the market research that Wassila was willing to teach me. I got an a slight insight on what it is like to be an exchange student as I am planning to study at UEM.

I managed to meet with Mark after a couple of months of no work since the networking event. At the moment the project is on hold due to lack of funding and waiting for funding. However in the future Mark is expecting big changes for the exhibition.